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Sasha Banks’ next history-making goal in WWE sounds impossible

Sasha Banks recently admitted that she has a tough decision to make between WWE and Hollywood. She already feels like a WWE Hall of Famer because she’s accomplished just about everything she can in WWE, and that includes main eventing WrestleMania. Is there any history left for Sasha to make in pro wrestling before moving on to new challenges in Hollywood?

During an interview with Steve Fall for NBC Sports Boston, Banks explained what she still hopes to accomplish in 2022:

“I just want to continue to keep on shaking the table. I want to keep on making history. I think for myself, I would love to main event a pay-per-view in Saudi [Arabia]. I would love for the tag team women’s championships to be represented over there, in the main event. The main event of any pay-per-view representing [the women’s tag titles] is just the goal of 2022. I think me and Naomi can accomplish that, for sure.”

Banks won the Women’s tag team titles with Naomi less than two weeks ago at WrestleMania 38, so naturally she wants to take those titles to unprecedented heights.

Just how difficult will it be for Sasha to main event a WWE PPV in a women’s tag team championship match? When you realize the women’s tag titles were defended on zero pay-per-view events between WrestleMania 37 and WrestleMania 38, it makes Sasha’s goal sound like an impossible task. The bottom line is that the women’s tag division rarely ever includes more than two or three teams at a time, and during the last year rarely makes any spot on a PPV card, let alone the main event spotlight.

In order for this to happen, the rumor about Ronda Rousey doing more tag team work will likely have to come to fruition. Or maybe the Bella Twins will have to return to WWE and make a run for the belts. The point is, Sasha and Naomi won’t wrestle in the main event opposite the current women’s tag division.

Then again, Sasha has made a career out of accomplishing milestones that sound impossible, so who am I to doubt the plausibility of her latest history-making goal?

Do you think Sasha Banks and Naomi will main event a WWE PPV with the women’s tag team titles in 2022, Cagesiders?

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