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Yet another WWE name change

How many names has WWE changed in the last few weeks? Not counting people they just debuted like Roxanne Perez, or gimmick changes like Ezekiel (don’t start, I really don’t want to get into this with y’all again right now), there’s...

WALTER → Gunther
Pete Dunne → Butch
Marcel Barthel → Ludwig Kaiser
Raquel González → Raquel Rodriguez
Austin Theory → Theory

Feels like I’m forgetting a few, but I’m sure you’ll remind me in the comments along with outlandish claims about Elias’ family.

One of the reasons WWE’s historically done this is to have trademark control over the name a performer uses on their programming. Fair enough. You wonder why they didn’t change some of them sooner though. That’s certainly the case with the latest example.

Raul Mendoza has been wrestling on NXT under his real name since 2016. He’s been a prominent member of Santos Escobar’s Legado Del Fantasma faction for the last two years. Yet for some reason, WWE just recently decided to change his name to Cruz Del Toro. He was referred to by his new moniker on television last night (April 12), and the roster page at was changed to reflect it today.

Maybe their plan is to flood the zone with name changes until no one notices or cares? If it is, it may be working.

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