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Ezekiel (who is totally Elias) tries to prove he’s not Elias

Ezekiel’s Instagram

Is Kevin Owens losing his grip on reality in the wake of failure to defeat 57 year old Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 38? Or is Ezekiel not Elias’ little brother?

Most of us with eyes know the truth... that’s Elias with a shave, a haircut, and some less vagabond-y duds. Why else would “Ezekiel” need the assistance of WWE management to conceal documents that would prove his identity?

Adam Pearce is obviously in on it. And I’m not taking Tommaso Ciampa’s word on anything. He’s just trying to make a good impression during his first day on the new job.

Now, clearly fearing the lie detector test KO’s going to give him next Monday (April 18) on Raw, Ezekiel’s sharing this blatantly doctored photo of himself with his “brother” Elias...

I’m not buying it, and you shouldn’t either. If I were Kev, I’d enlist his friend Sami Zayn in this. There’s a guy who knows how to handle being conspired against.

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