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Tommaso Ciampa’s open to doing comedy, or whatever he’s asked to do on the main roster


Two-time NXT champion Tommaso Ciampa officially arrived on Raw last night (April 11).

The good news is, he kept the name we’ve known him by for years! And he worked a scene with a former Universal champion, and the man who just wrestled Stone Cold Steve Austin in one of WrestleMania 38’s main events — Kevin Owens.

The less good news is he didn’t get to say anything about himself. His introductory interview turned into part of Owens’ storyline with Ezekiel (who totally isn’t Elias), with Ciampa in a bit role. Now, he’s been on main roster shows a few times in the past, so he may not need a full introduction. And there are worse spots to land in than a KO program... although its not clear Tommaso will have a recurring part to play in the Ezekiel angle.

The best news probably is that Ciampa committed to and sold the scene. It’s an approach he told Metro UK he’ll take regardless of what Raw creative gives him moving forward, because he’s in for long haul:

“Creatively, I’m not very hard to please in the sense that I just view it as, ‘Give me five minutes and I’ll make it the best five minutes I can’, whatever that means. Whatever I’m asked to do. If comedy is in my future, whatever it is, I don’t know – I just look at it like, there’s no ending to this. So, if I do comedy for a couple of months, it doesn’t mean after that I can’t go back and do something else I might enjoy. There’s no ending.”

Don’t think that means the Blackheart doesn’t have serious dreams — and dream matches — for his post-NXT WWE career, though.

“There’s so many people that I can look at right now on those Raw and SmacKDown rosters and think, “Man, what if?” I haven’t been in the ring with so many of them. Whether it’s Edge or Rey Mysterio, I’ve never really had a singles match with AJ Styles, done stuff with Roman Reigns. There’s so many – you can just go down the list forever and ever.”

Whether Ciampa gets those matches, or finds himself in the 24/7 title scene, it sounds like he has the right attitude about life in WWE:

“It’s just the entertainment part of this business that I just love so much. It’s what, to me, pro wrestling is.”

You can read his entire interview with Metro’s Alistair McGeorge here.

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