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Undertaker hopes Bray Wyatt ‘comes home’ to wrestling

Windham Rotunda, fka Bray Wyatt, tantalized wrestling fans by answering some questions online en route to a WrestleMania week signing. But other than that, the former WWE champion’s been pretty quiet since his release last summer, focusing on his family and a horror movie project.

Whether he’s in the public eye or not though, there’s always going to be a lot of curiosity about Windham’s wrestling plans. Love ‘em or hate ‘em — his ideas, and how WWE utilized or incorporated them for the last eight or so years of his run with the company, will always be a hot topic.

Rumors about what led to his exit from the company make it sound like a return to WWE might be challenging. But thanks to this clip making the round from a WrestleMania Axxess panel, we know Windham has at least one influential supporter at the company... his WrestleMania 31 opponent and new Hall of Famer, The Undertaker:

“Bray Wyatt, I hope things get worked out with him somewhere. He is a phenomenal talent. I think he has a lot to offer this industry. So, I wish the best for him. Hopefully, at some point, he comes home.”

In this instance, “home” seems to just mean wrestling in general. But Taker’s always been a company man, so...

Will WWE let Wyatt back in at some point?

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