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Austin Theory loses his first name

During this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Austin Theory barged right on into Adam Pearce/Sonya Deville’s office to campaign for a United States championship match against Finn Balor, something he was promised by WWE Chairman and his top supporter, Vince McMahon. Before getting around to all that, though, he wanted to make something clear.

He will no longer be using the name Austin.

Instead, we’re to simply call him “Theory” from here on out.

We’ve seen plenty of wrestlers in WWE lose a name in favor of brevity, and I suppose some folks will be upset that it’s happening again here, but at least there’s some storyline explanation for it, no matter how flimsy it may be. Both Theory and McMahon hate the name Austin — gee, I wonder why that may be stone cold to the name — so he’s ditching it.

Fair enough.

Oh, and he did indeed get that title match for next week:

There you have it.

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