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Xavier Woods claims & names his new finisher

2022 has not been a banner year for ya boys, The New Day. Big E’s neck injury is the most serious example, and reportedly contributes to the bad booking beats Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods have experienced since. Still, from E’s Day 1 WWE title loss to the ignoble treatment of Kof & Woods at WrestleMania 38... things haven’t been great for the Princes of Positivity.

That’s more than a moniker, though. As Large Epsilon’s reaction to his broken neck reminded us, positive thinking isn’t just a gimmick for the trio.

Take X’s approach to his latest outings on SmackDown. Some might be disappointed he hasn’t been presented as more of threat to Sheamus’ proteges Ridge Holland & the nefarious Butch, or that even in victory he hasn’t been able to deliver a dramatic comeuppance to the heel group.

Not Woods. He’s embracing the way he snatched victory from the jaws of an ass-kicking, claiming the small package/roll-up as his new finisher and giving it a name. He even made a video package documenting his history of using the maneuver, and hyping the excellently dubbed Backwoods like it’s the new RKO.

It’s really excellent technique. And it may not just be a bit of spin. As the King (I don’t care what WWE says, he’s still my King) says, this was planned...

Stuff like this is why New Day always has and always will rock.

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