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Becky Lynch says ‘losers’ Rousey/Flair main eventing WrestleMania is a token gesture to Ronda

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She’s got to defend her Raw Women’s championship against Bianca Belair tomorrow (April 2) at WrestleMania 38, but Becky Lynch is already selling a future match against her old nemesis Ronda Rousey.

The Man told The New York Post’s Joseph Staszewski when she expects to get the singles match with Rousey that was originally planned for Survivor Series 2018:

“I think the idea was, let’s give it even more of a build and possibly do this in Hollywood [at WrestleMania 39] of all places. I think the idea was to give it a little bit of extra time, and hell, let frickin’ Ronda get her feet wet.

“We had to tell this story with Bianca, too. So was I surprised? No, not entirely, not really. I think they thought of Hollywood as maybe being the spot for where this match would go down.”

Whenever it happens, she’s not worried about it:

“My talent, my skill, my ability to communicate has gotten me to the top. So I don’t care what your name is, you’re behind me right now. It was that attitude that started this whole thing and then obviously we were supposed to have that Survivor Series match and my face got busted open and we never had that one-on-one match. So maybe, we’ll have it next year. Maybe something else will happen. I’m not worried. I am the name right now.”

That’s also why Lynch isn’t sweating who gets main event billing tomorrow at AT&T Stadium in Texas. Big Time Becks told Ariel Helwani she’s confident she and Belair will outshine the rest of the card, and has a theory why Ronda was told she’s the main event even if Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kevin Owens end up going on last:

“It makes no difference. They can go on later. Again, I don’t think they’re the main event. Look, my match is going to steal the show, my match is going to be better, my story has been better, everything that I’ve done has been better, that’s not even a question.

“Even if they do go last, I don’t care, my stuff is better, my stuff is the real main event.”

“I think in terms of story-wise, the only two women to have ever won the main event of WrestleMania main-eventing WrestleMania, going on last, I think that would be the perfect story. Two losers main eventing WrestleMania? Two main event losers main eventing WrestleMania?

“You feel like it’s a token gesture that they are going on last because of Ronda’s name. I don’t think anybody thinks that their story is better and that they deserve it.”

Becky also hyped a main event-level match with Rousey for WrestleMania 39 to her old pal Ariel, and explained why she thinks Ronnie needs another year to get ready for her...

“I think that’s the biggest match the people thought could happen and so, I think the thinking is not to give away the biggest match possible right out of the gate. Also, let her get her feet wet, let her get used to this life again. Let her get used to doing this which she hadn’t had a whole bunch of experience with before in the first place and then you add a baby into that mix.”

Lynch also said that she doesn’t feel Rousey is handling the motherhood/work balance as well as she is, and doesn’t think the former UFC champ’s reached the same level she had prior to leaving after losing to Bex at WrestleMania 35:

“Not as good as me... In terms of juggling it all. Look, anybody who’s able to go out there in front of people, and you’re able to preform in front of people, and you have a baby that is possibly not sleeping and you’re traveling millions of miles — getting out in front of the curtain, that’s juggling it all. Putting one foot in front of the other, that’s juggling it all. Are you excelling at it? That’s a different story. I’m excelling at it.

“I don’t think she’s returned to that level. I think she may have needed a bit more time. Which, again, you have a child, you’re coming back after four months, that is an incredible task and an incredible feat. But sometimes you need a bit more time especially if you haven’t been doing this for years upon years upon years.

“I don’t know what her headspace is, but I imagine that she’s not watching absolutely everything that is wrestling-related on TV, that she’s not marinating about it every second of every day when she’s not with her baby, that she’s not talking to her husband, nearly every conversation, ‘How do we make this industry better? How do we make ourselves better? How would this match be better?’ If you’re not completely immersed in it...

“I think she loved it as a fan. And I do think she loved it as a fan. I’ve said this to Bianca, so I’ll say it to Ronnie, ‘You can be a fan or you can be The Man.’ You want to be The Man, especially if you’re in this business. So when she came in originally, maybe there was more of a love for it because she came from that fan eyes. Now, maybe there is a little bit of contempt. Maybe her priorities have shifted to where she knows her baby is more important. Our babies are always going to be more important, of course it is. But maybe when she has that love is transferred there, as opposed to marrying the two loves.”

Helwani also checked in with Lynch on the woman who was a hot topic during their last interview, Rousey’s opponent tomorrow, Charlotte. Becky says they will sometimes say hi to each other, and maybe when they leave the business someday, they can be friends again. For now...

“We have to do live events often two days a week and so one has to be able to co-exist. We haven’t had to work together, though.”

As for Flair’s father, Ric?

“I just feel like he’s simmered back a little bit now but he was just coming at me for any freakin’ reason for awhile there and then I called him out on it and it seems to have stopped.”

Lynch’s interview with The Post is here. Her entire 30 minute conversation with Helwani is here.

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