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Report: WWE talent told they can make money on 3rd party platforms again during emotional meeting with Triple H

In 2020, WWE announced it would prohibit their independent contractors (aka wrestlers) from engaging with fans on third-party platforms like Twitch and Cameo. With the shift in policy, the company assumed control of booking talent for those outlets just like they would with an autograph signing or media appearance. They also reportedly took the revenue, cutting off a means many performers were using to supplement their WWE earnings.

Many fans were outraged, politicians & labor organizers sniffed around the situation, AEW took some shots about it, and a few talents made some noise. The new policy was probably a factor in a few people’s decision to leave WWE, like prominent Twitch streamer Adam Cole.

But now we’re hearing they’ve told the roster they’re changing the policy again. Details are sparse, but Fightful Select says the news was delivered at a talent meeting Thurs., Mar. 31 in Dallas to kickoff WrestleMania weekend.

Talent Relations head John Laurinaitis is said to have started the meeting, and got things off on a good note by introducing Triple H. Most of the roster hasn’t seen Haitch since his heart issue last summer, and it was apparently an emotional scene as a lot of the wrestlers were thrilled to see The Game. After Trips spoke, he introduced someone he called a friend of more than ten years, President & Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan.

As part of an update to the roster about WWE’s business goals & achievements, Khan told the talent they can now participate in profits for revenue generated from third-party platforms, money that will be in addition to the guaranteed money in their contracts. Cameo, autograph signings, scripted and un-scripted programming were specifically mentioned in Fightful’s report.

We’ll have to wait for more details, but several of Fightful’s sources on the roster said the meeting was overwhelmingly positive meeting, and a great way to start ‘Mania weekend.

Could we actually get a “morale is better than ever” rumor soon?

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