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Is Blue Edge necessary for this dream match?

Edge vs. AJ Styles

Edge vs. AJ Styles at WrestleMania is a dream match.

These two men are all time in ring workers who have never shared the squared circle together. It’s a ready made match. WWE could have announced the match and done nothing else and this would still be one of the most anticipated bouts on the show.

However, creative didn’t sit on their laurels here. They went big with the story, which included a character change for the Rated R Superstar.

It began with Edge issuing an open challenge for WrestleMania. His case was that he’s so good that anyone who steps up will be made famous just by sharing a ring with him. Eventually AJ Styles took up the offer.

That’s when Edge changed.

The Hall of Famer viciously attacked Styles, concluding his violence with a Con-Chair-To. His explanation for his transgressions would come in the form of a character change.

Gone was Alter Bridge’s Metalingus (to be replaced by The Other Side, also by Alter Bridge). Edge stood in the middle of the ring and delivered his explanations under a blue light. According to the new heel, he had reached his final form. He was on the mountain of omnipotence. He had shed the form that was still trying to please the fans to become the best version of himself.

Given this match didn’t need much, was the character change necessary?

Probably not. But I appreciate that they made this bigger than putting two names on the poster and saying ‘dream match’ for a month. Introducing a new character is risky. And it felt like Edge took a couple weeks of the WrestleMania build finding his groove with it. I’m not sure the blue light was ever the right choice. But even with that, I still appreciate him creating out a new character to face AJ Styles.

That act puts over AJ in a way running the dream match never would. Edge needed to find a new level to face Styles, knowing his standard form (which is very very good), wasn’t enough. And it gives the entire program more heat than “Dream match!” would have alone. Matches for respect are fine. Matches that have some real hatred behind them are better.

In the end, it’s appreciated they drew up something with some meaning. The match is likely going to rule no matter what the characters are. So even with Edge needing a couple weeks to hone this new character, it’s one of the stronger programs heading into WrestleMania.

Edge and AJ Styles will lock up for the first time at WrestleMania (Sunday), airing at 8 PM ET on Peacock in the US and WWE Network everywhere else. Keep it here to for both nights of WrestleMania coverage.


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