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Omos will try his best to have a match that’s not awful

The match

The All Mighty force meets the Unwatchable object when Bobby Lashley and Omos go one-on-one at “WrestleMania Sunday” on Apr. 3 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The story

After serving as AJ Styles’ bodyguard for a few months, Omos made his in-ring debut last year at WrestleMania 37. He destroyed the New Day and won the Raw tag team titles.

His partnership with Styles has since disintegrated, but Omos has never been pinned or submitted in WWE. He practically squashes everybody he faces. That includes former WWE champion and all-time great Styles, who Omos easily beat in less than four minutes in January.

More recently, Omos has been feasting on low card chumps in handicap matches. This includes Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez, Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin, and the Viking Raiders.

Considering Omos’ undefeated record, he was looking for an appropriate challenge at WrestleMania 38. And he certainly got that when his call was answered by former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley:

Lashley was manhandled by Omos at first, but he managed to knock the colossus off his feet. It’s the first time that has ever happened in WWE. This angle with Lashley’s return from injury just happened earlier this week, so that’s pretty much the entire story between Lashley and Omos.

But now it’s time for some real talk. Omos may be undefeated in kayfabe, but he is easily the worst wrestler on WWE’s main roster. The reason his matches end so quickly is because his selling is atrocious and it would be a huge mistake at ask him to wrestle even a five minute match. The four minute match where he beat AJ Styles was the worst match of AJ’s career. Omos has no business being on TV right now given his lack of experience and lack of skills. But he is a very tall man, so Vince McMahon has decided to push him as an unstoppable monster over the last year, making everyone he steps in the ring with look like garbage in the process. It’s not the first time Vince has done this, and it won’t be last. The end result is usually a lot of bad wrestling matches and wasted television time.

Lashley appears to be a babyface now after missing some time due to injury. Bringing Bob back with an alignment change and jobbing him out in just a few minutes to Omos in a terrible match sounds like a very bad idea, but it’s probably what will happen here. Someone can definitely get a rub from being the first guy to beat Omos, but when that does happen, there will be a better story behind it. The story between Lashley and Omos barely exists, so this doesn’t feel like the night where Omos takes his first loss.

Omos will try his best to have a match that’s not awful at WrestleMania 38. That’s pretty much the most optimistic take I can offer on him right now given what little he has shown in a WWE ring so far. Can Lashley manage to get a not terrible match out of him at WrestleMania 38? You’ll have to tune in on Sunday to find out.

Find out who wins by tuning into WrestleMania 38 and keeping it right here at Cageside Seats!


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