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Why Veer hasn’t come

We were a little worried when WWE didn’t even tell us that Veer would be coming during the Mon., Mar. 7 episode of Raw. But maybe all involved were just celebrating passing Emmalina in the troll record books.

In the 135 days since the first “Veer Mahaan coming to Raw teaser aired, the Indian Superstar’s been a regular on Main Event. But what else has he been up to? Apparently lounging at everyone’s favorite European home goods superstore!

Has our guy’s been sitting there for approximately 3,200 hours (minus commutes to Main Event tapings, getting into his ring gear, working a sub-five minute match, changing back into his very dapper street clothes, and riding back to his local IKEA)? We’re not sure, but one of his bosses is worried Mahaan thinks Raws are taped at the store. Maybe in the ball pit, or at the Swedish meatball spot?

Alls I know is, Veer has good taste in chairs. I think that’s an Omtänksam. Or maybe a Grönlid?

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