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Seth Rollins is a mess about possibly being left off the WrestleMania card

We were told repeatedly on Monday night (Mar. 7) that whoever didn’t win the Raw Tag title match that opened the show risked being left off the card for WrestleMania 38.

In the case of Chad Gable & Otis, that very well may be the case. And it was a pretty good way to establish why Kevin Owens would call out Stone Cold Steve Austin for a “KO Show” confrontation. But nobody was buying that Seth Freakin’ Rollins, a four-time WWE World titleholder and Grand Slam champion, would sit out the STUPENDOUS-est show of the year.

Seth’s trying to sell us on that possibility, though. Rollins is taking this really hard...

He’s even blacked out his social media accounts. And not in the way he did when people got mad at him for being a dick to other wrestlers, and made fun of him for standing up for WWE a couple years back, either.

Seth Rollins’ Twitter
Seth Rollins’ Instagram

This is leading us to whatever it Mr. The Man will eventually do on April 2 or 3 in Arlington, Texas. What will that be? Speculation was he’d work with a returning Cody Rhodes at ‘Mania, but the rumor mill tells us Cody’s return might not be happening. But reports about Rhodes have been all over the place, and rumors are only right half the time, anyway.

Whatever he’s doing, I hope they tell him soon. Poor guy is a wreck.

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