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Gravelly voiced Becky Lynch vows she’ll get revenge on Bianca Belair

Becky Lynch’s voice box is apparently legitimately damaged (still not sold on the whole “fractured” thing, but that can refer to cartilage or muscle in the larynx that will heal without surgery, and she’s using the term in kayfabe, so we’re not gonna sweat it). But that didn’t stop her from rolling up to Raw in Cleveland looking for the woman who punched her in the throat.

She also got out her camera and cut a raspy Twitter promo on Bianca Belair. It is, unsurprisingly coming from Lynch, pretty darn good.

As you can tell from the sunglasses, she’s still working her Big Time Becks heel persona here. There’s some excuse making, a dig at Cleveland, and the whole idea that Belair is somehow ducking her because The EST didn’t wait around until the end of a show she wasn’t booked on it is pretty ridiculous.

But there’s a lot of The Man in there. The overall delivery, and the premise of coming to the show looking for a fight. Even the little sideswipe of Miz when she’s mocking Clevelanders.

I miss that version of Becky.

Anyway, this is a good sign that she’s confident she’ll be ready for WrestleMania.

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