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Becky Lynch will miss Raw with a fractured voice box

Shortly before the Mar. 7 episode of Raw, the brand’s Women’s champion posted this on her social media:

“Unfortunately I will not be at Raw tonight. Not only did Bianca whip me mercilessly with the illegal weapon that is her hair last week, but last night in the main event of WWE Allentown she tried to take away my biggest weapon, the spoken word, by fracturing my voice box.

“She can’t keep me down that easily. I’ll be coming for her next week.

“You can’t spell Wrestlemania without I!!!!!”

You would think that if Lynch is being playful about her health status online, this isn’t anything too serious. She’s again referencing the wounds inflicted by Bianca Belair’s braid from last week’s Raw, something else she’s used as part of their WrestleMania storyline since they happened.

But who knows?

Internet sleuths think they’ve already identified the spot from Sunday’s show in Allentown, Pennsylvania where Big Time Becks got her voice box fractured...

Hopefully, the champ went to the hospital as a precaution, and is using the worst possible words (e.g. contusion instead of bruise) to describe a muscle or cartilage tear that will heal with rest.

Stay tuned.

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