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Big E knows he didn’t get a fair shake as WWE champ, but he’s trying to move on

Big E has said pretty much everything about his WWE championship reign that he can. He’s expressed his disappointment with how it ended after only in a multi-man match at Day 1. after just three-and-half months and one PPV title defense. He’s compared that it to the similarly hamstrung run his New Day partner Kofi Kingston got with the belt in 2019, and admitted to being blindsided by his move back into the tag team ranks.

Fans have said all that and more. But many are still looking for answers as to why something they cheered for and celebrated never seemed to be given a chance by WWE. It’s why E is still being asked about it, as he was when he joined Josh Martinez on his Superstar Crossover podcast this week.

E’s answer to what he would have done differently reveals that he’s well aware of how the storylines he was given kept his reign from being a success. But it also reveals he’s looking to move past that, because what else can he do?

“I wish it would have lasted longer, I wish we would have had the opportunity to do some more dynamic things and you know, I don’t think it — it’s difficult to really latch onto a new champion when they have, within their first month, they have multiple losses on TV. But again, we can go down this path. Look man, I appreciate — genuinely — all the people who support me and who wanted better for me. I also want better for myself, and I guess I’ll just leave it there.”

New Day’s big man delivered everything we think WWE wants from a champion. He’s a versatile performer who showed he can use whatever material he’s given to delivering something entertaining. He can put on bangers in the ring and go toe-to-toe with the biggest stars in the business, as he did with Roman Reigns at Survivor Series. E’s one of the company’s go-to Superstars for media appearances, and deftly handles tough questions, turning potential controversies into positives.

Still, he finds himself looking for a spot on the WrestleMania undercard just months after holding what was then Raw’s top prize.

It’s an example of why so many find something like Brock Lesnar’s recent laziness critique so tough to swallow. And it’s an example of why we do want better for Big E.

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