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Asuka weighs in on rumors about her status

Asuka hasn’t wrestled since last year’s Money in the Bank ladder match. Since then, she’s been a frequent topic on the rumor mill (and our own Rumor Roundup).

One thing everyone seems to agree on is that she had shoulder surgery. And maybe that creative has nothing for her right now. But is that because she’s not cleared, so there’s little point in spending time brainstorming for someone you can’t use anyway? Or because she’s not a priority?

It’s even got Asuka confused...

She was looking for information that she can get right here at Cageside Seats dot com...

We’ve got you covered, Empress.

Then Asuka provided us with some updates of her own. First one the always reliable Google translate tells us reads:

“Regardless of whether this news is correct or not, is the correct probability as high as 10% in my experience

“The impression is that if you gain access with that, you will earn income.”

Then a pretty straightforward answer that seems to tell us which scoopster(s) to believe:

Glad we settled that. Get well soon, Asuka... I guess is the right thing to say here?

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