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After Bianca Belair’s haircut, Becky Lynch looks cool af

Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair’s WrestleMania 38 feud has focused on the two women’s hair almost as much as it has the Raw Women’s championship they’re fighting over.

The Man was scarred up by the lashes she got for touching The EST’s braid in the first place. There was a brief pause while they injured each other’s throats, but Lynch transitioned right back into threatening to take Belair’s hair. She tried it on Monday’s WrestleMania Raw, but Bianca had her number and ended up giving Becky a little touch-up herself.

Despite some calls for it from fans, we’ve never heard any talk of their match on Sat., April 2 turning into a hair vs. hair affair. Which is probably just as well, since those usually end up with the loser being shaved bald, or at least left with a cut they aren’t happy with. And as Big Time Becks revealed on Instagram this afternoon, the trim Belair gave her actually turned out looking great...

It looks so good even her rivals love the new look...

Even Bianca’s into it!

Does this advance their feud? Hell if I know. But for some reason I do now have an urge to go listen to some Joan Jett. BRB.

Let us know what you think of Becky’s new do in the comments below.

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