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Keith Lee explains how he feels about his time in WWE

Keith Lee’s time on the WWE main roster was mostly a flop, culminating with a Bearcat gimmick change that barely got off the ground before he was released by the company. In a no-brainer decision, AEW signed Lee as soon as his 90 day non-compete clause was up. He’ll wrestle this weekend (Mar. 6) at Revolution in a ladder match.

While promoting Revolution in an interview with the New York Post, Lee was asked how he feels about his time in WWE. Lee said he’s thankful:

“Gratitude. There’s not a lot of people that make it there, man, and a lot of people that want to. I am one of the few that did. It has afforded me abilities to do things that many cannot. There’s a lot of things that maybe wouldn’t have happened had I never ventured there. There’s a lot to be thankful for.”

Lee did get to work with his future wife Mia Yim in NXT, so that would be one very obvious thing to be grateful for.

In a follow-up question, Lee was asked how he deals with rumors on the internet, like the one that suggested he has attitude problems. Lee said he is very good at ignoring the nonsense:

“At the end of the day, man, I’m very much like these old school guys like I really don’t pay attention to the internet like that, and half the time I don’t really pay attention to the apps. Like I may post a thing and someone who helps me with my account may post a thing that’s trying to be positive for other people or promote what I do here in AEW, especially now. I feel like this. If there’s no truth to it then why should I give it any credence? This is going to sound arrogant and I don’t really care. At the end of the day it is beneath me and I treat it as such.”

How do you think Keith Lee will fare in his first pay-per-view match for AEW, Cagesiders?

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