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Top Dolla might not be done with WWE just yet

WWE’s expanded partnership with A&E means there will be many more episodes of their Most Wanted Treasures memorabilia show. The show’s first season was hosted by AJ “Top Dolla” Francis, who was released by WWE by the end of 2021. Naturally, WWE will have to find a new host for future episodes in the series, right?

It might not be that simple. During a K & S WrestleFest virtual signing, Francis said he has a separate contract for hosting Most Wanted Treasures, so the door might be open to continuing his role on the show:

“I would absolutely do the show again. I loved doing the show. The thing is, I don’t know if they want me to do the show.”

“I’m signed for multiple seasons...[my contract is] through WWE Studios. It’s a completely different contract than my WWE contract so, I’m signed to do multiple seasons. But contracts ain’t worth the piece of paper that they’re wrote on. So, I could be back...or I could never hear from them.”

Moving on, Francis gave his best theory on why WWE released the entire Hit Row faction shortly after calling up the group to the main roster:

“I genuinely think they just didn’t have plans for us. They clearly didn’t. We presented them with merch ideas. They didn’t have any interest in doing them. We had plenty ideas of what we wanted to go and do as a group. They didn’t even ask.”

He said one week WWE had them in a promo segment with New Day, the next week it was Sami Zayn, and the third week it was Jinder Mahal. There wasn’t a clear plan or direction:

“There was no direction. It was just one to the next to the next. And then we got released the week after that. There was never a direction. There was never a real plan for us. I really think we just got over so fast [in NXT] that they felt that they had to bring us up, and then they had to make a million dollar decision.”

Several months later, can you make any sense of WWE’s decision to call Hit Row up to SmackDown and then cut them just a few weeks later?

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