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The 24/7 title scene is quietly entertaining as hell

I would 100-percent understand if someone told me they pay no attention to anything going on in the 24/7 title scene, considering the way said title is treated more generally by those in power at WWE. It’s a joke title, treated as such, and played mostly for laughs.

That said, everyone involved with it gives their all every week and the result is almost always pure entertainment.

This week, we got not one but two marriage proposals. Reggie decided to pop the question to Dana Brooke, the current titleholder, and she hesitated before saying yes after he mentioned it as their own WrestleMania moment before WrestleMania and also showed her the ring.

Tamina tried to use their happiness to sneak in and win the title for herself, but Reggie successfully pulled her off and ran away with Dana. That’s when Akira Tozawa showed up in a tuxedo, which baffled Tamina so much she stopped the chase to ask what the hell was going on. He proceeded to pop the question as well, and, after a tease of violence, she also accepted.

All the while, R-Truth was off in the distance with a pair of binoculars, hatching a plan to preside over the eventual proceedings so that he may be better positioned to once again win the 24/7 championship and get his baby back.

Amazing stuff all around. Exactly the kind of silly nonsense I love in my pro wrestling.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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