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Bianca Belair cuts Becky Lynch’s hair

After missing some TV time to sell a throat injury, Bianca Belair returned on Monday Night Raw this week to speak on Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and the way she tried to take her out. The match at WrestleMania 38 this Sat., April 2, 2022, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, will go on, and she’ll be taking that title with her, finally ending a feud that dates back to SummerSlam last year.

But that wasn’t the big go home angle for the match, a simple promo. No, they had much more planned.

Instead, Lynch hit the scene with a big ass pair of scissors and tried to cut Belair’s trademark ponytail, one she previously used as a weapon against Lynch. She avoided that fate with multiple KOD’s, however, and once she saw what Lynch had attempted, she grabbed the scissors for herself.

And went to work:

When Lynch came to and realized what happened to her, she could be heard angrily proclaiming she is going to “end” Belair at WrestleMania. The crowd responded with a “you deserve it” chant.

Backstage, there was an attempt at an interview and Becky simply grabbed the microphone, chucked it, and called Belair a “bitch.”

The match is just days away!

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