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Possible Raw SPOILERS on the Seth Rollins WrestleMania angle

For the last two weeks, Raw has focused on Seth Rollins’ quest for something to do at WrestleMania 38. First, he tried to take his tag partner Kevin Owens’ spot interviewing/confronting Stone Cold Steve Austin. Then, he wanted AJ Styles’ match against Edge.

Those storylines gave us good matches, but no sign of the reported end point of this angle — Cody Rhodes’ return to WWE. Seth closed the Mar. 21 edition of Raw vowing he wouldn’t allow this week’s show to start until he was booked for something in AT&T Stadium this weekend. The program inched forward on social media over the weekend with Vince McMahon telling Seth to be in his office first thing this morning.

We haven’t heard the outcome of that meeting, but we do have two reports on what to expect, and what not to expect, tonight in Pittsburgh.

On yesterday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said the show will once again center on Rollins’ story. It sounds like by the end of the night a Cody match, or something that eventually becomes a Cody match, could be official for ‘Mania:

“Yeah, whatever they’re doing it’s actually supposed to be a big thing on the show tomorrow is how they get to [the Rollins match]. There were graphics made and things like that. I don’t know the extent of it, but there’s stuff being produced, has already been produced, for the show to build to Cody. I’m not sure how they announce it but that’s one of the focal points, if not the focal point of the show.

Building to Cody doesn’t mean Cody’s debut. Meltzer reiterated his report from last week that WWE is leaning towards saving Rhodes’ first appearance back for this weekend, similar to how the Hardyz returned at WrestleMania 33. Fightful Select’s latest reporting also indicates the American Nightmare isn’t listed internally for tonight’s show. Their sources also tell them Cody was scheduled to fly into Cincinnati today, which is a five-plus hour drive away from Pittsburgh.

Which is do-able, and a way to avoid him being spotted in the area. But you could accomplish something similar by flying to Cleveland and cut down on the commute.

So it sounds like we won’t see Rhodes until ‘Mania, but maybe we’ll understand more about the kayfabe how & why of his program with Rollins after tonight.

We shall see. See along with your fellow Cagesiders in our live blog here.

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