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An actual shirt you can buy on WWE Shop dot com

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Vince McMahon’s visit to The Pat McAfee Show didn’t give us an Adam Cole-esque kayfabe set-up for McAfee’s match at WrestleMania 38. In fact, we’re still waiting to see how or if Mr. McMahon’s will be involved in Pat’s showdown with his protege Austin Theory.

The interview did give us a number of soundbites, like the one at the end of this answer about whether or not Vince pays attention to public opinion about his contributions to the business:

“If people think I’m an asshole, then congratulations, I guess I am.”

Someone thought it sounded pretty cool, or at least thought several someones would think it sounded cool enough to wear on their chest. Because the folks at have tweaked it a bit for McMahon’s legendary on-screen character, added an image of Vince with devil horns, slapped it on a t-shirt, and will sell it to you for $27.99 — plus shipping & handling, of course.

If you’re a big Mr. McMahon fan, or the kind of edgy dude who likes to piss people off, get yours here.

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