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The Steiners (yes, Scott too) will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

After years of rants from Scott Steiner about Triple H and where Vince McMahon could stick an invitation to his little club*, there was quite a bit of skepticism when reports came out about The Steiners being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

But whether it was a case of time and/or money healing all wounds, or just swallowing his pride for the sake of his brother Rick and nephew Bron Breakker, the odds of Big Poppa Pump rejecting a spot in the WWE Hall drastic went down. The Ringer got the scoop that The Steiners are joining Undertaker, Vader, Sharmell & Shad Gaspard in the Class of 2022, and it looks like there’s a 141 2/3% chance The Genetic Freak will be at Fri., April 1’s WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony.

Both Rick and Scott Steiner (real surname Reichsteiner) were amateur wrestling standouts at the University of Michigan who transitioned to pro wrestling in final days of the territories. They joined forces in WCW, initially with older brother Rick chasing singles gold with Scott as his back-up. In 1989, they focused on wrestling together and were an immediate success, winning the NWA Tag belts from The Fabulous Freebirds that year, and the NWA/WCW United States Tag titles from The Midnight Express in 1990.

Before they split as a team in 1998, The Steiner Brothers worked with every big name tag team from that era. Rick & Scott had eight runs as Tag Team champions in the NWA/WCW, and two each in New Japan & the then-WWF.

Each Steiner had considerable individual success as well. Scott’s second stint in WWE in the early 2000s and subsequent TNA run is probably what many fans think of, but Rick’s “dog-faced gremlin” solo career was noteworthy as well.

WWE is honoring them as a team, and they truly were among the best ever when it comes to tag wrestling. Their combination of speed, power, and technical skill was special, and it’s hard to find a bad Steiner Brothers match — especially from the first half of the 90s.

Congrats to Rick & Scott. See them inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this weekend in Dallas, streaming live after SmackDown on Peacock/WWE Network... and maybe see the Genetic Freak with a live microphone!

* Which doesn’t even include the year he was barred from WrestleMania after threatening Hulk Hogan’s then-wife.

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