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Trish Stratus sics the Canadian authorities on Becky Lynch

Raw Women’s champion Becky Lynch and WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus are doing a great job hyping this weekend’s house shows in Ontario. Lynch is featured on the cards for tonight’s show in Kitchener and the Sun., Mar. 27 one in Toronto. Stratus is hosting, and teasing a confrontation with the woman who just beat her friend Lita at Elimination Chamber last month.

Big Time Becks has been pretty dismissive of Trish’s trash talk. But apparently a few favors have been called in at customs...

... and possibly even other branches of Canadian law enforcement...

Of course, this is all just wacky social media fun. Actually jamming up a mother and her toddler is a heel move And I know Canuck law is different, but I’m still pretty sure there’s nothing on the books about “un-champion like behaviour and disrespecting legends.” Plus, The Man is wearing Hitman merch in The Great White North — that’s respecting legends!

The real question is, does this lead to something real between Lynch & Stratus tonight or tomorrow? Or will this be like Brock Lesnar at Madison Square Garden, with Becky squashing Dana Brooke before Trish helps Bianca Belair get the drop on her.

Stay tuned. Or if you’re in Ontario, give WWE the Stratus-faction and buy a ticket!

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