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Xavier Woods returns to SmackDown

It was just last weekend that Xavier Woods returned from a torn muscle at a WWE house show, something he made note of on his social media by declaring “I’m back” in GIF form. WWE also reported on as much, as they were passing along a tribute to Big E, who just had his neck broken in an accident on Friday Night SmackDown the evening before.

It was expected Woods would be back on the next episode of SmackDown, but instead WWE played up E’s injury to get Ridge Holland more heat, having him defeat Kofi Kingston in a singles match. It turns out, they were saving Woods’ return for this week.

Sure enough, he was booked in a match with Holland and won that match with a roll up in next to no time at all.

Once again, he declared “I’m back!”

The New Day still isn’t whole, with Big E out for an indefinite period of time while he recovers, but Kingston at least as a tag team partner again.

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