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The wrestling world reacts to Triple H’s retirement

WWE NXT’s Twitter

Triple H announced today (Mar. 25) that his in-ring career is over. The “cardiac event” WWE told us he suffered last summer almost killed him, and left him with a defibrillator in his chest. Wrestling is out of the question.

It’s left folks on all sides of the business with mixed emotions. We’re grateful he’s alive and well enough to be appearing on television to tell his story, but sad we’ll never see him wrestle again, and that he didn’t get to go out on his own terms.

Gratitude extends to the three decades of performances The Game delivered during his legendary run. It’s certainly what those he’s worked with at WWE — who in many cases he hired and/or mentored — are focusing on in their remembrances and reactions on social media this afternoon.

Here’s a sampling of those (as is our standard practice, where someone’s quote-tweeted the official announcement, we’ve copied their text and linked to their original):

Alexa Bliss tweeted: The man who came up with the concept of “Alexa’s playground” so talented in and out of the ring Thank you for everything Triple H, what an incredible in-ring career #ThankYouTripleH

Paquette also tweeted: So glad Triple H has his health in check. He’s done so much for the wrestling business and given opportunities to so many, myself included. Glad to see him have time with his family, and looking forward to the next chapter! ❤️

Zack Gibson tweeted: The f*cking man. Thanks for everything both as a fan and professionally

Thanks for the memories, Haitch. Really glad you’ll be around to make more of them with Stephania & the girls.

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