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Trish Stratus plans to confront Becky Lynch, and she’s bringing her wrestling boots (Updated)

WWE’s live events this weekend include two house shows in Canada that will be hosted by Hall of Fame wrestler Trish Stratus. The first show takes place on Saturday (Mar. 26) in Kitchener, and the second show takes place on Sunday (Mar. 27) in Toronto.

In order to hype up the events and her hosting duties, Trish posted a quick video on Twitter indicating that she will speak her mind to Becky Lynch about her recent poor treatment of Lita. Becky responded with a warning for Trish:

Lynch might want to be careful about escalating tensions from here, because Stratus told ET Canada that she will have her wrestling boots with her, just in case:

“I’m always ready. Did I pack a bag, did I put my boots in them? I did. Just in case, because I’m a professional.”

If Bianca Belair is still injured and unable to compete at WrestleMania 38 against Lynch for the Raw women’s championship, perhaps Stratus will be ready to take her place.

It’s worth noting that Trish was originally scheduled to host WWE live events in Canada at the end of December 2021, but those shows were postponed due to COVID. Trish was planning to chat with Becky at that time too, and that’s before Lita became one of Becky’s enemies.

Update: Stratus has directly responded to Becky’s warning on Twitter:

“No words? Cool. I’ll bring my boots And the fans will get the best of both words”

It might already be too late for this beef to be settled peacefully, folks.

How do you think things will play out between Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch at this weekend’s WWE house shows, Cagesiders?

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