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Some STUPENDOUS GIFs of Pat McAfee

The WrestleMania program between Austin Theory and Pat McAfee visited Raw last night (Mar. 22), with McAfee guest color commentating for Theory’s match against United States champion Finn Bálor.

We didn’t get much insight into the on-again, off-again rumored involvement of Vincent Kennedy McMahon in the feud. If Mr. McMahon was displeased by Pat’s “apology” for putting hands on Theory from last Friday’s SmackDAHN, there were no signs of it during McAfee’s first visit to Raw as a WWE employee. The Chairman might not be thrilled that Pat Mac helped Bálor beat his protege, though.

The rest of us were pretty pleased with what went DAHN, though. Mostly because Theory is, in fact, a douchebag. But also because the former All-Pro kicker of balls gave us a couple useful GIFs during his brief time on Raw.

This one will come in handy anytime you really, REALLY want somebody to (metaphorically) “suck it”...

And this one can be used when you totally weren’t involved and absolutely did not do anything wrong...

McAfee was his usually entertaining self throughout his visit to the red brand last night. There were a few other moments I’d have liked to GIF (shadowing Finn as he slammed Theory’s head into the announce table, and his over-the-top celebration after the Irishman’s roll-up pin), but WWE’s love of rapid camera cuts made those impossible for someone with my level of Photoshop fu to grab.

Yinz have fun with these two, though.

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