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Seth Rollins loses again, still doesn’t have anything to do at WrestleMania 38

There are a lot of rumors and reports that Seth Rollins will be wrestling Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 38 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on April 2 or April 3, 2022. Many rumors also suggest Rhodes won’t actually re-debut in WWE until the show itself, which means they’ve had to continue this story of Rollins not having anything to do at the biggest show of the year and his desperate push to get on the card by any means necessary.

Last week on Monday Night Raw, he turned on his own friend and former tag team partner, Kevin Owens, and tried to take his spot on the card, interviewing Stone Cold Steve Austin. He failed when he lost a match to Owens.

This week on Monday Night Raw, he turned his attention to interrupting AJ Styles in his return to television, somehow once again working his way into a one-on-one match that would see his taking Styles place on the WrestleMania card. That would mean a singles match against Edge.

Just like last week, he came up short. Only this time, it was because Edge showed up to chair shot Styles in the back, ensuring their match will go ahead as planned.

Rollins grabbed a microphone after the loss.

“This. Is. Bull. Shit.”

He claimed Raw won’t happen next week unless he gets what he deserves, a WrestleMania moment. The fans in attendance in Chicago chanted “Cody” in response, and then watched as Rollins started tearing shit up.

The show went off the air on his frustrated face.

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