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WWE says Bianca Belair is ‘out of action for an unspecified amount of time’

Last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw featured Becky Lynch making her return from an injury that may or may not have been legitimate to return the favor to the woman who hurt her, Bianca Belair. She used a chair — and Bianca’s hair — to crush Belair’s throat on the ring post.

WWE’s storyline update was that Belair was being evaluated after suffering “trauma” to the area. Now, they’ve posted an update on the matter (via

Bianca Belair suffered a fractured hyoid bone in her throat as a result of the attack perpetrated by Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch last Monday on Raw, has learned.


Although Belair will not need surgery, she will be out of action for an unspecified amount of time as she recovers, officials say.

We’re only two weeks out from WrestleMania 38 and Belair challenging Lynch for the Raw women’s championship and that’s completely left out of post giving us this update. Seems like a strange oversight!

It sure makes it seem like this is going to go about like Lynch’s injury did, which is maybe miss a week of television before returning with a vengeance to build some last minute hype for the match.

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