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Cody Rhodes should use Stardust’s theme in his return to WWE

Now that we’ve got a definitive report on Cody Rhodes returning to WWE, planned to be at the upcoming WrestleMania 38 event at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on Sat., April 2, & Sun., April 3, we can start to wonder about not just how he’ll be used but how he’ll be presented.

Are we going to get “Dashing” Cody Rhodes again? Do they even bother to acknowledge his time in AEW and everything his coming back to WWE represents? Do we dare get a the return of Stardust?!?

Okay, we’re almost certainly not getting that last one but I’m here to argue that we should get one part of that character’s presentation — his entrance theme.

This was a certified banger:

Not only is it a great tune, it would be instantly recognizable while also trolling fans into thinking it possible that Vince McMahon actually would bring him back as Stardust.

I suppose it’s possible that happens, but I wouldn’t think so. Either way, I would love to hear this song hit the speakers while Seth Rollins is in the ring trying to make a WrestleMania moment.

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