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WWE hilariously botches several stars’ names in Big E video package

As anyone who’s spent much time on this here wrestling blog can tell you, I can not talk when it comes to typos. But even though I live in a glass house, Imma throw a few stones anyway.

Because while I’m very proud of the work we do on this site, we are not a nationally televised program airing on a major network in primetime routinely watched live by 2 million people. And while what I know about the demands placed on the people who produce SmackDown doesn’t make it sound like a super fun job, and I am sympathetic to their work circumstances... if you’ve got several days to put together a video package for a big star that features social media messages from other big stars, you should probably not botch several of their names.

It happened in the segment about Big E’s neck injury that aired on the Mar. 18 episode, when tweets from fellow wrestlers and fans were shown. The most prominent example is the misspelling of former WWE champion Bobby Lashley’s last name:

WWE’s YouTube

But the lower right corner of that screen grab also twice screws up a Hall of Famer’s first name...

WWE’s YouTube

And a second later, The Boss’ gimmick name picks up an extra ‘h’ in her handle...

WWE’s YouTube

Again — not a huge deal. But pretty amazing this stuff slips through on FOX (and remains on the YouTube video 12+ hours later), and really funny that it does.

We’d like to thank WWE production, along with Mr. Lashely, Mike & Shasha, for the laugh.

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