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WWE’s getting into the (virtual) restaurant business with SMACKADILLAS

Delivery was a huge trend in the restaurant business before the pandemic, but COVID made it the only way most places could stay open. It also prompted the launch of virtual or ghost restaurants, that only offer deliver or takeout and prepare food in kitchens they share with other restaurants. If you order Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings, it’s probably going to come to you from a Chuck E. Cheese. Celebrity brands like TygaBites or Mr. Beast Burger will likely be prepared in a rented space at a nearby industrial office park or strip mall.

It’s a low-cost way to get into the food game, and it’s one WWE will be trying out in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex around WrestleMania 38. Welcome to SMACKADILLAS!

As the name suggests, we’re mostly taking quesadillas here, along with some other finger foods and dessert items. The list of locations on indicates your Onion Rumble Smackadilla and Macho Mac & Cheese will be prepared at one of the many IHOPs in North Texas.

It’s a low-risk way to get back into a business WWE last tried with their The World restaurant in Times Square in the waning days of The Attitude Era. Will it be a high-reward proposition? That depends on if you’ve got a hunger only a Powerbomb Pizza Smackadilla can smack down, I guess.

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