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Here’s why Brock Lesnar is the greatest WWE wrestler of all-time

WWE’s latest top 10 video covers the greatest moments in the career of Brock Lesnar. And there are so many moments to choose from that it’s actually been expanded to a top 20 video.

Here’s what they came up with:

If a random person on the street approached me and demanded that I make the case for why Brock Lesnar is the greatest wrestler of all-time, I’d probably get the hell away from that person as fast as possible. If I was in a feistier mood, I’d laugh and say that Brock falls well short of Rey Mysterio Jr. and at least 20 other wrestlers.

But in the event that I was forced to answer such a question in Brock’s favor, I’d probably just say, “Here’s why Brock Lesnar is the greatest WWE wrestler of all-time,” and refer them to the above video.

It includes Brock’s most famous WWE accomplishments like ending the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania 30, winning world championships from wrestlers like The Rock and Goldberg, making John Cena and Kofi Kingston look like jobbers, squeezing the life out of Hulkamania, destroying large objects like cars and wrestling rings, and dancing with a briefcase like it’s a boombox. They couldn’t even fit in his Canadian alpha male bond with Sami Zayn in this video, that’s how packed Brock’s career is with amazing moments.

As far as kayfabe accomplishments go, Brock Lesnar may very well be the greatest WWE wrestler of all-time, especially if we’re literal with the wording and begin the timeline in 2002 when WWF changed its initials to WWE. If we go back to include all of Vince McMahon’s time running the show, Hulk Hogan is one of the very few wrestlers I’d likely rank ahead of Brock as far as pure kayfabe dominance is concerned.

Brock has a chance to add to his impressive record of accomplishments when he battles Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 38 on Apr. 3 in what WWE is marketing as The Biggest WrestleMania Match of All-Time. If Brock can find a way to end the Tribal Chief’s insanely long reign as Universal champion, that would be almost as incredible as ending the Undertaker’s undefeated streak, at least as far as kayfabe is concerned.

Do you think Brock will once again get the nod from Vince McMahon to go over in a hugely important match, Cagesiders?

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