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KO blasphemes against Stone Cold on 3:16 Day

Some aren’t happy that Steve Austin is doing anything that might resemble a match 19 years after his last one at WrestleMania 19. Others wish it was a full blown match rather than a “confrontation”. A few don’t like the set-up, or that Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins put the WrestleMania 38 segment with Stone Cold on the line for their Raw match this week.

I get it, and we’re still a ways away from seeing what Austin & Owens have in store for us on Sat., April 2 in AT&T Stadium. But so far, at least when these two are actually taking aim at each other, I’ve found this to be pretty damn fun so far.

Stone Cold got a few jabs in while marking 3:16 Day earlier. KO’s entry to remix the iconic promo Austin delivered at King of the Ring 1996. It borders on sacrilege, but it’s smart. It also seems like exactly the kind of thing that would get under Austin’s character’s skin.

[The first thing I want to be done, is to] get that piece of crap out of my ring. Don’t just get him out of my ring, get him out of the WWE for good [because I’ve proved son] without a shadow of a doubt, you ain’t got what it takes anymore! You sit there riding around on your little ATV and say your catchphrases and it didn’t get you anywhere. [Talk about your psalms, talk about John 3:16] well Owens 3:16 says at WrestleMania, I’m gonna stun your sorry ass.

[I’m serving notice] to every one of the WWE Superstars. I don’t give a damn what they are, they’re all on the list, and that’s KO’s list, and after I’m done kicking Steve Austin’s ass at WrestleMania I’m fixing to start running through all of ‘em.

[And that’s the bottom line], cause KO said so.

Happy 3:16 Day! See you on 4:2.

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