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Sharmell joins the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2022

WWE’s added a third name to the Hall of Fame class that will be honored on Fr., April 1, 2022 as part of WrestleMania 38 weekend. It’s someone many of us have fond memories of from the company’s Ruthless Aggression era in the aughts, but not someone who was on a lot of fans’ lists of overdue Hall inductees.

Sharmell joins Undertaker and Vader in the class of 2022.

Sharmell started out as a Nitro Girl in the last days of WCW, which is where she met Booker T. The two would marry in 2005, and are raising their 12 year old twins together at their home in Houston.

She briefly trained for an in-ring career before focusing on working as a valet and manager. Sharmell excelled in that role, often paired with her Hall of Fame husband. Their most famous run was after Booker won King of the Ring, when she became known as Queen Sharmell. They also worked together in TNT, which is where she made her final regular appearances in 2009.

Complex got the scoop, and their write-up spends as much if not more time documenting Sharmell’s real-world accomplishments as her wrestling ones. Those are certainly impressive: high school valedictorian, a dual degree in Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering from Spelman College, Miss Black America winner, dancer for James Brown’s live show. The 51 year old says she’s always conscious of her status as a role model:

“I always feel a sense of responsibility, and I carry that with me everywhere. Who am I not to succeed after everything my ancestors have been through? I’m always trying to carry myself as a person who is respected.”

Hers is a life worth honoring, for sure. Was her wrestling career Hall of Fame-worthy? That will certainly be debated. But before you get too invested in that debate, remind yourself the WWE Hall is Vince McMahon’s private club, and he can grant admittance to anyone he wants, for any reason he wants.

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