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Big E with a positive update on his broken neck

The power of positivity works! At least, that’s what I’m going to take away from Big E’s latest update from the hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.

That’s where he was taken by ambulance last night (Mar. 11) after being stretchered out of SmackDown. E’s video update from last night was that he’d suffered a broken neck after landing on his head taking a Ridge Holland* belly-to-belly suplex on the floor. He remained upbeat in that post, focusing on the fact he could move his fingers & toes — and the outpouring of love & support he was receiving — rather than the obvious bad news.

His new update this morning strikes a similar tone, and contains even more reason for optimism. Here’s E...

“So I got some really good news, all things considered. The C1 and C6 [two of the seven cervical vertebrae] are indeed fractured — non-displacement though, which is a very good thing. And I don’t have any damage to my spinal cord, no ligament damage, and no surgery, which I’m very thankful for.

“And pro-tip: if you’re gonna break your neck, do it in Birmingham. They’ve been great; everyone here at UAB [University of Alabama at Birmingham] has been great. Um, for real, it’s meant a ton to me that so many of you have been so kind, and reached out, stopped in to see me, and texted me. I feel like I sound like a broken record, but I am very grateful. And I’m gonna be alright. So bless.”

It’s the non-displaced part that’s key, and will hopefully make E’s prognosis for recovery more like Ricky Starks’ — and much less like TJ “Tyson Kidd” Wilson’s.

So breathe a sign of relief, and take an attitude of gratitude like our guy Large Epsilon. Keep sending him those well wishes, though. He deserves them, and they certainly haven’t hurt so far!

* While there’s obviously going to be a ton of debate about the spot, and Holland’s history/readiness/culpability, Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp reports he was among those who visited E in the hospital overnight, and we’ve heard nothing to indicate he’s a bad person or has a cavalier attitude toward his responsibility as a wrestler to keep his opponents safe. He’s going to be targeted by many on the internet regardless, so let’s keep the criticism objective around here.

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