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Pat McAfee is awesome at this

We’ve praised Pat McAfee endlessly here on Cageside Seats dot com and I do not regret to inform you we are going to do it again. On top of being a fantastic color commentator on Friday Night SmackDown each week, he’s just really, really good at pro wrestling in general.

I couldn’t blame anyone for forgetting that, seeing as he’s primarily been behind the desk just going insane over whatever is happening on the blue brand on any given week. He’s awesome at that, too, so good I would argue he has done for Michael Cole the same thing Tony Romo did for Jim Nantz. But there was always the potential we would see him get involved in the action again.

This week, that included his responding to Austin Theory trying to punk him again by straight up jumping the table and attacking the man he’ll be fighting at WrestleMania 38.

I say fighting because, well, that’s what makes McAfee so good at all this. When you watch the segment, he doesn’t come across like a pro wrestler doing a pro wrestling thing, he comes across like a real person responding as any real person might in a similar situation. It lends a credibility to it all we wouldn’t get otherwise.

It makes for fantastic television.

This segment also seemed to make clear the direction here will indeed include Vince McMahon in some way and this reminder of how good McAfee is as a performer just made me want that confrontation so much more.

Can’t wait.

Anyway, here are all the videos from SmackDown this week:

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