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Of all the things Big E’s given wrestling fans, the pitch he made for a dream match against Goldberg might be the one we cherish most*:

“You want your five star matches? You want your 30 minute classics? Not me. Big meaty men slapping meat. That’s what I want.”

Now, thanks to a WWE 2K22/Hot Ones promotional tie-in, we’re getting to see Big E vs. Goldberg. The two big meaty men do not slap meat. But they do get all sweaty and steamy and talk trash while they eat some. Just right up in each other’s faces while they chew on chicken wings slathered in some of Sean Evans & company’s hottest concoctions.

It takes a little while for Bill vs. Large Epsilon to get past the standard commercial material and get fun, but once they’re zooming in on a clearly uncomfortable, post-hot wing E while Goldberg talks about how annoying Scott Hall is, it’s a blast from there.

Not as much fun as seeing these two big men with big chests and big muscles bumping meat would be. But pretty fun.

* It’s probably that quote and this GIF tied for first in the power rankings.

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