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Bron Breakker was given the same ridiculous advice by everyone at Raw

When I saw NXT wrestler Bron Breakker make his main roster debut earlier this week on Raw, I immediately wondered if WWE was going to rush him up to the main roster in time for a match at WrestleMania 38. Seth Rollins does need an opponent, after all.

When Bron went on to actually lose the NXT championship to Dolph Ziggler the following night, my suspicions were only amplified.

But after checking out what Breakker had to say about his main roster experience while talking with Jon Alba One-on-One, I now realize that Rick Steiner’s son is still missing the most important tool needed to make it on the WWE main roster; he needs to focus on smiling more. Duh.

It sounds like everyone at Raw stressed to him how important smiling is on main roster WWE television. Here is how Bron explained it, courtesy of Fightful’s transcription:

“I got to meet and talk with a ton of the superstars, they gave me all kinds of tips and helps, things they wanted to extend to me to help me be successful...Probably smile more...Everyone is telling me that. It’s one of those...I’m just not sure I’ve been coached up on that thus far. It’s another thing I have to work on and figure out how to make it my own and make it unique in my own way. I got so many coaching points and things to learn from that experience. So many things I can take away to be part of that.”

If Bron is serious about putting in the time and effort to improve his smiling skills, maybe he really can live up to those lofty expectations of becoming the next John Cena or Roman Reigns in WWE. Ronda Rousey is currently working hard trying to figure out the whole smiling thing, so maybe Bron can pick her brain if the learning curve is a bit steep.

Sarcasm aside, I wouldn’t necessarily find it strange if Bron received this advice from someone at Raw. But his claim that “everyone” told it to him, to the point where it’s one of the main takeaways from his first time on Raw is...very strange, to say the least.

Did Bron Breakker smile enough for your liking on Raw this week, Cagesiders?

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