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Veer hasn’t come yet, so he’ll break Emmalina’s record

On Oct. 3, 2016, WWE told us that Tenille Dashwood — who up until that point we had known as Emma — would be “premiering soon” as Emmalina.

133 days later, on Feb. 13, 2017, Emmalina premiered. She immediately ditched the gimmick glamorous gimmick WWE’d been teasing for months, and went back to being Emma. Dashwood was released later that year, and is currently enjoying a successful career in Impact.

But we’ll always have Emmalina.

That’s been a reference point for the rollout of Veer Mahaan on Raw. Not from the start, when the first “Veer is coming” teaser showed up on the Oct. 25, 2021 episode. But by the time fans noticed the Indian Superstar was taking the scenic route to the red brand, we started wondering if we might not have another Emmalina situation on our hands.

It’s still not clear. But he’ll always be linked to the Aussie wrestler’s cursed character. Because by not “coming” on last night’s Raw, we’ve been assured Mahaan won’t debut until Mar. 8... 134 days since his first teaser aired.

Will Veer really pull an Emmalina, someday walking out on Raw to announce he’s going back to NXT to wrestle for Malcolm Bivens as Rinku? Probably not. But the next time WWE gives us one of these troll-y rollouts (and you know there will be a next time), we’ll compare it to the new modern-day recordholder...

Veer, who is coming.

h/t: ViewsFromRPT on reddit

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