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Tommaso Ciampa defends his new entrance music

Even with WrestleMania season in full swing, and AEW making HUGE announcements left and right ahead of their PPV this weekend, Tommaso Ciampa’s music has been a hot topic among wrestling fans today. The two-time NXT champ lost the theme he’s been using on that show for the last two-plus years, “No One Will Survive”. When he walked to the ring on Raw last night (the Feb. 28), fans heard a new tune.

As is often the case with we human beings, the reaction has mostly been: CHANGE BAD!

I’m one of the people who’ve reacted that way. “No One Will Survive” is a song I enjoy and feel a connection to. The new music is a song I could barely hear, immediately forgot, and obviously don’t have a connection to yet. Therefore...


But Ciampa himself is apparently a fan. And what he has to tell us about the new song might make me one, too.

WWE has yet to release a clean version of Ciampa’s new song, so I didn’t realize it was called “Fight to Survive” — let alone infer the meaning Tommaso’s sharing with us here. But I’ll give it another chance when they do, and the Blackheart’s sales pitch will stick with me when I do.

There’s a decent chance I’ll still think it’s a generic rawk song, but it’ll probably grow on me regardless. Whether it does or not, I’m glad Ciampa digs it.


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