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Alexa Bliss seems just as perplexed by her booking as we are

Here’s our latest WWE booking mystery.

Raw spent several weeks telling the story of Alexa Bliss’ therapy sessions. Those seemed like they were going to “cure” her of whatever happened while she was working with Bray Wyatt in 2020 & 2021, but the end result was to tell he she needed to have her doll Lilly with her at all times in order to be “as cured as you’re gonna be.”

Bliss was booked for Elimination Chamber, and worked the Raw Women’s Championship #1 Contenders Chamber match as pretty much the same character she played pre-therapy. She was the last wrestler eliminated by Bianca Belair, which was a good showing — but still not what many expected for the five-time WWE Women’s champ making her return after a months long absence.

On last Monday’s fallout episode of Raw, Bliss was neither seen nor mentioned. Then last night (Feb. 29), with WWE in her hometown of Columbus... still no Lexi. On Twitter, she commiserated fans who came out to see her...

... and seems just as confused as we are as to why she’s disappeared from television so quickly after returning...

On her Instagram, Bliss shared that she was in Las Vegas for her Bachelorette Party last weekend...

... but based on her tweets, it doesn’t seem like her impending wedding to Ryan Cabrera is causing any scheduling conflicts with work.

If Bliss doesn’t have anything going on television now, will she be doing anything at WrestleMania 38 next month? As her diehard fans are always happy to point out, she’s a very popular Superstar, so leaving her off the card if she’s healthy is a bit of a head-scratcher.

What’s going on? Guess we’ll just have to let it play out...

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