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Grayson Waller’s muscle, Sanga, loses his first match

It was just last week that Grayson Waller properly introduced us to Sanga, a very big, very mean looking man who would act as his muscle going forward. A match was made pitting Sanga against the man Waller is feuding with, LA Knight, for this week’s episode of NXT 2.0.

You’d think with it being Sanga’s first match, he wouldn’t be the one doing the job, but that’s exactly what ended up happening:

To his credit, Sanga looked impressive as hell. He’s big, yes, but he also moves really well for his size. On top of that, he can sell his ass off. We can debate the merits of a guy being used as muscle selling this much for LA Knight, but there’s no debate to be had regarding how good Sanga is at making Knight’s offense look good.

I’m just baffled they had him lose his very first match. Knight is a guy they’ve pushed quite a bit during his run in NXT but I’m having a hard time making sense of this one.


Anyway, here are all the videos from NXT 2.0 this week:

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