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The build to Bron Breakker vs. Dolph Ziggler continues

After the NXT champ’s latest tweet, Ziggler’s teasing showing up on 2.0 tonight.

For a few weeks now it’s been clear Dolph Ziggler was going to be follow in AJ Styles footsteps as the next main roster WWE Superstar to work a program on NXT 2.0.

Ziggler & his Dirty Dawgs tag partner Robert Roode first spotted NXT’s Roderick Strong & LA Knight backstage at Raw, then Dolph cut a promo on Bron Breakker after the reigning NXT champ mocked him for being thrown out of the Royal Rumble by Bad Bunny & Rey Mysterio.

Breakker responded during Raw last night (Feb. 7)...

... which gave The Show-Off an opportunity to respond in a post-show interview. Ziggler’s not only teasing a future match, but also a confrontation during tonight’s episode of NXT:

Maybe this is how they’ll stack the deck against Breakker and add a little more suspense to his Vengeance Day match with Santos Escobar? Or is it just a way to have Dolph remind us NXT is on SyFy instead of USA tonight?

Join us in our NXT live blog and we can find out together!