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Is there really such a thing as an unexpected F5?

I was going to find a way to post WWE’s latest Top 10 video no matter what, because it includes the times Brock Lesnar F5-ed somebody and an article of clothing they were wearing flew off*, and those segments make me very happy every time I see them.

The title they gave it got me thinking, though — and that’s rarely a good thing...

Is there really such a thing as an unexpected F5? Shouldn’t you alway expect at least the possibility of an F5 if you’re in Lesnar’s presence?

Watching the video, I second guessed my premise. Kurt Angle thought Brock was unconscious while refereeing his steel cage match with Vince McMahon on SmackDown in 2003, for instance. And Lesnar wasn’t in the ‘04 Rumble (he’d beated Hardcore Holly earlier in the show), so Goldberg wasn’t prepared for the Beast’s finisher. So I was going to give a few of these a pass.

But really, if Brock’s in the building and you work for WWE, you really have to be ready for the possibility you might get F5-ed. It’s not the Spanish Inquisition.

I mean, take it from Bad Bunny. He was ready for one from the second Lesnar’s music hit at this year’s Rumble. Didn’t stop him from taking one, but I bet Bunny would tell you he knew it was coming.

Anyway, enjoy the video.

* Michael Cole’s shoe in 2015, and John Cena’s hat in 2012.

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