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WWE Raw results, live blog (Feb. 7, 2022): Lita is back

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Feb. 7, 2022) from the Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Elimination Chamber event scheduled for later this month in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Advertised for tonight: Lita is back after challenging Becky Lynch to a Raw women’s championship match. She’ll have something to say about that. Elsewhere, Riddle & Randy Orton will take on Alpha Academy in a Quiz Bowl showdown, whatever that means. It’s the final leg of their academic challenge. Riddle will be pulling double duty, as he’s also been announced for a singles match against Seth Rollins. All that and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog will kick off once the show starts on SyFy. It will be below this line here.


I am reckless and feeling no pain, you know I have got no need to control. Living with the danger, I am once again liveblogging this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with commentary hyping up tonight’s festivities.

American Alpha (Chad Gable & Otis Dozovic) vs. RK-BRO (Matt Riddle & Randy Orton) (Academic Challenge Round 3: Quiz Bowl)

Poor Kevin Patrick goes to explain the rules but Chad Gable shushes him and does it for him.

Chad picks US Presidents as his category and is asked which of four presidents was the first to graduate college. He crows about how easy this one is for him and answers correctly with John Adams.

Matt picks Biology and has to answer how many hearts an octopus has. He claims to have actually dissected an octopus before and answers correctly with three hearts. The next one is Greek mythology, whose wings of wax melted, and of course Chad picks Icarus correctly.

Orton wants an easy one and picks Cartoons, and has to name which Ninja Turtle used nunchuks, which of course Riddle knows is Michelangelo, bringing the score back to 2-2. Randy demands that Gable let Otis answer one and Chad obliges.

Dozer picks Geography and has to pick the largest of the 48 continental states, and correctly answers Texas. RK-Bro go with pop culture, and have to pick which Baldwin is Hailey Baldwin’s father, and neither of them know the answer, but Matt wants to use a lifeline.

There are no lifelines in Quiz Bowl, so Orton guesses Alec and is wrong. Alpha Academy get the chance to steal and name Stephen Baldwin correctly. Chad picks Film and Literature and has to pick which Shakespeare play has been adapted the most times.

Otis gets excited because Hamlet has “ham” in the title but Chad insists it’s Romeo & Juliet... and is wrong. RK-BRO steal, correctly naming Hamlet. RK-Bro’s next question is do-or-die, and Orton picks sports. It’s a local question about which quarterback has the most wins, and Randy thinks a moment before asking Denver for a little help, and he picks the correct answer, tying things at 4-4.

Final question, Chad picks Metric Conversions and has to pick how many grams are in an ounce. Gable picks 12 and is wrong! RK-Bro for the steal, using their knowledge of, er... baking... 28! Correct!

RK-Bro win 5-4, becoming #1 contenders to the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship.

Post-bowl, Chad Gable is apoplectic about the volume of the buzzer and throws a tantrum.

Enter the Street Profits.

They pose the question of “who just lost the quiz bowl” and answer it, and Gable asks in return what tag team is about to get their asses kicked, and they blindside Profits and lay them out.

Alpha Academy (Chad Gable & Otis Dozovic) vs. Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford)

Dawkins and Gable to start, feeling out, Angelo takes the lead. Tag to Ford, Otis knocks him off the apron and tags in! Dozer working Montez over, slam and a big splash, eventually a sidestep sends Otis shoulder-first into the post and Ford is able to crack an enzuigiri off and make the tag!

Chad back in too, whip across, big elbow, exploder suplex gets a belly-to-belly, cover for two! Clearing the ring, Ford with a big tope con giro, Dawkins schoolboys Gable for two! Underhooks, Drill Bit blocked, ankle pick, ankle lock, into a victory roll...

Alpha Academy win by pinfall with a victory roll pin from Chad Gable on Angelo Dawkins.

We get a recap of Lita’s recent comeback.

A hype reel for WWE 2K22 follows.

Montel Vontavious Porter is in the ring and gives Bobby Lashley a big introduction.

Enter Bobby Lashley.

MVP says last week they should have had a proper celebration for Lashley winning his match against Brock Lesnar, slaying the Beast and taking the WWE Championship back. It should have been declared a federal holiday! But Porter moves on, saying that Brock Lesnar won the Royal Rumble, that’s impressive, and he won the chance to fight Roman Reigns at WrestleMania fair and square, but Elimination Chamber?

Winning the WWE Championship back from Bobby Lashley? Pure fantasy, Bob will leave as he enters, as WWE Champion.

Lashley takes the promo over and runs Lesnar down for coming out here and making demands of the All Mighty. When was the last time Brock even had a match on Raw? But he truly hopes that it comes down to him and Lesnar at the Elimination Chamber, just so he can pin him again.

We get a recap of Alexa Bliss’ last therapy session, because Raw is three hours long with no commercial breaks in the first hour this week. (Three hours long.)

At this week’s therapy session, the therapist asks Alexa to hand over the replica of Lilly, and she does, but she starts sobbing after the doll leaves her hands.

AJ Styles vs. Damian Priest

Circling, Styles cracks off a backfist and follows it with a chop in the corner! Priest blocks the whip, AJ runs the ropes and right into a leaping back elbow! Reverse chinlock applied, Styles grinding him down but he gets rammed into the corner. Pop-up drop, float over a suplex attempt, but Damian takes his head off with a lariat that gets two!

Standing armbar applied, AJ gets in the ropes and Priest launches a hard right hand at him! Back and forth, Reckoning blocked, Styles Clash denied, Ushigoroshi connects and gets Styles a two count! Snapmare driver connects, but AJ kicks out! Styles Rush gets a roundhouse kick gets the Pele kick but Priest falls into a cover and Styles can barely kick out!

To the apron, off the ropes, AJ launches into action...

AJ Styles wins by pinfall with the Phenomenal Forearm.

We get a recap of Ronda Rousey’s return at the Royal Rumble.

Kevin Owens is backstage getting ready for a rematch against Austin Theory when Seth Rollins rolls up.

Seth says he can’t believe Kev isn’t in the Elimination Chamber and they talk about how much Adam Pearce sucks, but Owens says never fear, he expects after he beats Theory tonight, he’s gonna have to be put back in the Chamber.

The Miz makes his entrance, flanked by Maryse.

He gets in the ring and on the mic and demands the crowd give Maryse some respect before introducing his guests this week, Dominik and Rey Mysterio.

They enter and take a seat and Miz replays the end of his match last week, and says he sees nothing wrong with his conduct. Rey takes issue with his underhanded tactics and Miz is upset that he gets called a cheater when men like Edge and Eddy Guerrero are hailed as heroes.

They go back and forth on the subject, Miz laying his achievements out and Mysterio having an answer for all of them as the A-Lister gets madder and madder about it. Eventually it all wraps around to Miz being upset that Rey was picked to be on the cover of WWE 2K22.

He says that Maryse should be on the cover and Maryse suggests that Rey could learn a thing or two from her, call himself Rey Maryseterio, but he declines. Miz asks where the cheers and respect are, and Dom asks where his respect is, telling the A-Lister to show his dad some respect.

Miz accuses Rey of hiding behind his son and says if Dom wants to put his big boy pants on he’ll give him a rematch. Mysterio accepts and Miz points out how much taller he is than his dad, asking if he’s SURE he’s not actually Eddy’s son. Dominik holds his dad back but gets his anger up and shoves Miz!

And so we go to break, finally and mercifully, at long last.

Dominik Mysterio vs. the Miz

Match in progress, collar and elbow, Miz backs him into the corner and celebrates like he won the title. Maryse trips Dominik up and gets ejected by referee Danilo Anfibio! Miz off the ropes with a front kick, he tries the same trick he tried last week against Mysterio the Elder but Dom is on him...

Dominik Mysterio wins by pinfall with an overrotated schoolboy pin.

We get a recap of last week’s match between Kevin Owens and Austin Theory.

Austin is shown in Mr. McMahon’s office having a chat.

Bianca Belair makes her entrance to send us to break.

Bianca Belair vs. Nikki ASH

Belair with a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, she taunts, off the ropes, drop down, dropkick and ASH bails to the floor! Bianca is game to go after her but Nikki stops her short and trips her up into the apron! Smashing her knee, taking things back inside, half-crab applied.

Off the ropes, Belair hosses her up and hits a fallaway slam but can’t capitalize due to the injured knee. Kip-up hurts but she manages a body slam, and another one, and agoes for a third but ASH slips out! Back elbow on the charge, off the top, roll through, straight suplex!

Hold on, roll through, delayed vertical suplex connects... NOPE! Nikki with a slam for two, she goes to the apron and gets caught out, backbreaker rack...

Bianca Belair wins by pinfall with KOD.

Backstage, R-Truth leads Akira Tozawa and Tamina on a merry chase, but Reggie and Dana Brooke are hiding behind some shelves and they run right past them.

Dana thanks Reggie for all he’s done and for being such a nice guy and kisses him on the cheek. Reggie has to ask, she says all these sweet things and kisses him on the cheek and what does this mean? Brooke says they’re really good friends and hopes that never chances, and they hug but awkardly stop short of a kiss.

Truth and Tozawa and Tamina come running back and stop short, Truth saying he’s gonna get his baby back and running in the wrong direction.

Kevin Owens makes his entrance to send us to break.

Austin Theory vs. Kevin Owens

Theory hard out the gates, rolling thunder dropkick, smashing Owens’ face into the turnbuckles and lighting him up with body blows! Right hand, chops get a kick to the gut! Brawling into the corner, whip across and KO takes it hard! Cover can’t even get one, Kev comes up chopping and Austin takes him off his feet for mountedp unches!

Another hard whip, Owens explodes out of the corner with a lariat and follows it with a senton! Charging in, sidestep and Kevin takes the post hard shoulder-first! Action to the floor, smashing Theory’s face into the steps, cannonball off the stairs and KO is fired up to send us to break.

Back from commercial, trading blows, whip reversed, corner lariat from KO sets up the cannonball! To the floor, plancha takes Theory out, but he manages to turn the tide back in the ring. Knee lifts, up top, jockeying for position, blocking the fisherman buster, Theory pops back up and gets caught with an avalanche Finlay roll... NOPE!

Back up top for the senton atomico... THEORY GETS THE KNEES UP! Rolling thunder countered with a superkick, front kick into the Stunner...

Kevin Owens wins by pinfall with the Stunner.

RK-BRO are hanging out backstage.

Matt Riddle is excited about winning the tag titles back, but Orton tells him to focus on the Elimination Chamber first, and if somehow he walks out as WWE Champion, he’ll main event WrestleMania. But even before that, he’s got Seth Rollins tonight, and he doesn’t want to take the Architect lightly.

Riddle says he’s got it and leaves before coming back and getting distracted thinking about Elimination Chamber and his RK-BROga party next week, like Animal House!

Lita makes her entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Veer Mahaan is still coming.

Lita gets on the mic and talks about how she started to feel like she was home with all the top stars in the Royal Rumble.

But there was one person who was very conspicuous by her absence, a woman at the top of her game, and she thought hey, go for broke, so she issued a challenge to Becky Lynch. She’s wanted this match for a long time—

Enter Becky Lynch.

She says it’s legitimately amazing to hear Lita talk about her in such glowing terms and she wants to explain why she initially turned her challenge down. She worshipped Lita growing up and when she finally got here Lita was one of the few who didn’t turn her nose up at her, and for that she’s eternally grateful.

She’d even go so far as to say that without Lita, there’d be no Becky Lynch, but now that there’s a Becky Lynch, there can be no Lita. She asks if Lita knows how hurtful it is to have the one person you looked up to more than anyone try to take everything away from you?

This is the most important thing in her life and the most important season, and she’s had to give up everything to get here, friends and people, no problem, and she’ll get rid of Lita, no problem. She’s in the prime of her career and she’s beaten everyone that gets in her way and she’ll have no problem putting Lita down.

Lita says she’s right, she’s at the top of her game and she’s the odds-on favorite and she knows that, and that’s why she’s here. She has no problem being the underdog, she was just some punk rock dumpster diving kid that went out and chased her dreams, but it was the fans that helped her become a four-time women’s champion.

But as long as the fans support her, she likes her odds, and she tells Becky she’ll have to figure out how she feels when she walks out as a five-time champion. Lynch attacks her and stands tall holding the title. She goes back to Lita for the Manhandle Slam... TWIST OF FATE COUNTERS!


Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are chatting backstage when Kevin Owens rolls up.

He butters them up and points out his win over Austin Theory and asks if this gets him in the Chamber, but they say the qualifying matches stand. Owens asks if they’re really going to deprive the WWE Universe of seeing him in the Elimination Chamber and Pearce says they will.

Deville adds that KO might not even make the WrestleMania card and he sputters about how they can’t take this away from him or the people of Texas. He keeps going at some serious length and they continue to ignore him.

Liv Morgan makes her entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Liv Morgan gets an inset promo about how she’s going to win the Elimination Chamber match and main event WrestleMania.

Doudrop also gets an inset promo where she talks about how she’s learned that she’s too nice for WWE, so she learned to get nasty and everyone’s afraid of her.

Doudrop vs. Liv Morgan

Collar and elbow, Doudrop shoves her aside, back to the lockup and this time she throws Morgan down to the mat! Liv grabs a bodyscissors sleeper but Doudrop is able to ram her into the corner and force the break! Freight train crossbody takes Morgan out and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Doudrop in control, Morgan gets some leg kicks in but gets whipped hard to the corner. Boots up, double jump dropkick, both women down and out! Liv gets up, forearms, enzuigiri, dropkick to the back, step-up knee, springboard Codebreaker... NOPE!

Jockeying for position in the turnbuckles, Doudrop capitalizes...

Doudrop wins by pinfall with the Vader Bomb.

We get a replay of Alexa Bliss crying about a doll and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Alexa Bliss is in the office and calm now.

The therapist points out she didn’t act aggressively when she handed the Lilly replica over, and that’s progress. He asks if she had any problem with her emotions, and she relates a story about nearly getting into a car accident and taking control of her anger.

She has another of getting a parkning spot sniped and managing to control her rage, and then in a 30-minute line at the grocery store and having some evil woman cut in front of her. Asked to describe who cut in front of her, she says rainbow hair, button eyes, smeared lipstick and teeth like little skulls.

Asked if that made her angry she says she threw her down aisle three and whacked her with a loaf of bread and then took a deep breath and got her anger under control. Therapist says they’ve still got a way to go and we’re done.

Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage and he talks about how he’s gonna win the Elimination Chamber and so on.

Seth makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, commentary hypes up a Brock Lesnar appearance for next week as well as a United States Championship match with AJ Styles challenging Damian Priest, and RK-BRO throwing an RK-BROga party.

Matt Riddle vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins with an early flurry but Riddle gets and armbar and forces him to the ropes to break! Seth with punches, Frankensteiner to the floor but Rollins counters a Penalty Kick by powerbombing Matt into the barricade and send us to break!

Back from commercial, Rollins with a headlock, knee lifts, Riddle throwing a back elbow up but Seth catches him in the turnbuckles and rains punches down! Slingshot to the apron, headed up top, diving Tree of Woe double stomp... NOPE! Riddle a red-faced god of war, charging forearms, Rollins shrugs him off at first but gets caught by the exploder suplex!

Senton, knees up, back body drop to the floor! Penalty Kick off the apron, corkscrew moonsault to the floor! Kevin Owens comes out of nowhere and attacks Riddle...

Matt Riddle wins by disqualification.

Post-match, KO keeps putting boots to him as Randy Orton runs down to make the save... RKO! Rollins and Orton jaw at each other in the ring and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we have an impromptu tag match in progress because of course we do.

Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins vs. RK-BRO (Matt Riddle & Randy Orton)

Orton and Rollins legal, match in progress, Seth gets a jawbreaker and sends Randy to the floor with a lariat! Rollins takes a moment to berate KO for getting him into this mess and ends up back suplexed into the announce desk! Throwing Seth back inside, Randy tags Riddle in, assisted corkscrew moonsault for two!

Owens with a blind tag and a superkick, mounted punches, big senton, jawing at Orton before laying Matt out with a short-arm lariat and going up top for a springboard moonsault... NOPE! Seth tags in, diving axehandle, stomp, falling elbow, quick tags as a heat segment gets rolling.

Working Riddle’s bare feet over until eventually he rolls out of the way of a frog splash from Rollins! Crawling, desperate, Owens tries to cut him off but Matt fights back with elbows and a wicked knee! Both men down and out and the path is clear... ORTON TAGS IN!

Big lariats on Seth, snap scoop powerslam, one of those for Kev as well, hanging DDT connects! The match breaks down, Riddle with a blind tag, ripcord knee reversed into a rolling elbow, Death Blow follows, Blackout connects...

Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins win by pinfall with Blackout from Rollins on Matt Riddle.

Post-match, Orton hits the RKO on Owens!

That’s the show, folks.

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