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Samoa Joe has it figured out

I woke up far too early this fine Sunday morning and did what most folks with an internet connection in 2022 tend to do — I got online and scrolled social media. I may have missed some important event while I was zonked out for the four far too short hours I managed to sleep for, you know?

Reader, I did not miss any important event.

Instead, I was greeted with a whole lot of bloviating over the latest non-issues that don’t really matter all that much but can be profited from with the right combination of moral indignation and righteous outrage, authentic or not. This is a daily process, one I partake in with enthusiasm, fully aware it is the thing I am doing, entirely empowered to stop myself but wholly unwilling to do so. I’m really not even sure why.

Samoa Joe, on the other hand, has figured it out:

Yeah, you right, you right.

Then again, if I didn’t hit the ol’ blue bird for my daily fix, however would I see John “promise I’m a real person not just writing but believing these things” Cena’s daily motivation?!?

Thanks, John.

Stay happy (and motivated) out there, folks.